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  Dongguan Yaoshen Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a part of Taiwan (within) funded technical cooperation, specializing in microwave, spraying equipment, and service of high-tech enterprises. To create customer value, over the years, Shen Yao mechanical continuous improvement and the introduction of advanced production technology and strict control of product quality, increasing technology development efforts and investment in the field of microwave equipment manufacturing technology innovation, quality performance and continuously improve improve. Companies in "good faith, quality first, the customer first" philosophy; pursue the "quality of survival", "in good faith and development," a principle of service, the bold exploration, innovation; customer needs is our pursuit .

  Our products are involved: Kiln (box) microwave dryer, microwave dryer tunnel. Microwave trolley (crane) cable, microwave platform lines, microwave drying room, microwave machine. Instead of the traditional drying methods, to address the high energy consumption, high pollution, production efficiency slow to fast drying of water-based paint and other issues. Professional solution to prevent the furniture in the production process caused by water-based paint furniture secondary absorbent, resurgence, furniture, furniture easy to mold caused by excessive moisture, deformation, cracking and other problems; remove the bulk drying production line, saving space, speed up the production process; and rapid microwave heating uniformity, energy efficient, HMI and PLC applications can control the heating process automation and recoverable heat, heat change heat amplification, optimization of power consumption, the production process to achieve low-cost, low emissions.

  Learn microwave drying and conventional drying

  Microwave drying principle: the principle of water molecules absorb microwaves and generate heat effect of the product is dried, the drying process blank body of water molecules absorb microwave, movement of water molecules friction heat effect, the body temperature rises, evaporation of water. (Microwave drying make their own body temperature, the internal temperature and moisture migration to the inner and outer surface, an inner side from the middle to the outer shrink relatively balanced, but the one-piece toilet complex microwave dead, in different parts of the contraction It will be different.)

  Conventional drying principle: the traditional drying process, mainly in the drying room, infrared, far-infrared heating or hot air drying. As used heat from the electric, fuel combustion and solar energy, are indirect heating methods, namely, the heat from the heated air, water or other liquids of various energy obtained, and then rely on them to convection and conduction, so that the object gradually heat from outside to inside, to achieve the effect of dehydration. Often consume large amounts of energy and materials, and complex facilities. Such as: natural drying, vapor drying, hot air drying, vacuum drying, far infrared drying, etc.

  Microwave drying and conventional drying distinction


Conventional drying

Microwave drying

working principle

Heat conduction, heat from outside to inside

Microwave direct effect on the water molecules inside and outside at the same time heating loss

Drying time

Three days, one week, or longer 

Minutes or tens of minutes

Drying effect

Difficult to achieve 100% dry, difficult temperature control

Direct effect on the water molecules 100% dry, easy temperature control

Drying uniformity

Uneven Selective heating

Uniform drying

Quality, product phase

Easy to change, metamorphosis, compaction

Can improve the quality of materials

Energy thermal conductivity

Coal or natural gas→Thermal

Energy→Microwave energy→Thermal energy conversion rate

Energy efficiency

Small energy efficiency, waste more

Than the traditional way of saving more than 40%

Environmental health

Coal, oil, natural gas & nbsp; pollution

No pollution

  The Company has consistently uphold rigorous, professional style and requirements, Dongguan City, Yao Shanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. can meet the number of leakage standards: in line with national GB10436-89 microwave radiation safety standards (≤5mW / c m), in line with GB5226 electrical safety standards, UDC614.898.5GB 9175-88 in line with environmental health standards radio, and in 2015 the newly established second division, specializing in development and manufacturing, the domestic industry's first access to patents.

  Warm welcome domestic and foreign friends call and patrons. We sincerely hope that you build a state with extensive business ties, common development and common prosperity!