3D Tunnel Microwave Room

PLC control set, operate independently. Infrared, k line galvanic, wet air measuring machine three engagement control. The automatic coating conveyor line is designed according to the customer's own product range complex principles, high quality requirements, special custom colors, in line with the brand positioning and development strategy is based. . .

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Microwave drying room

In a uniform manner set point one-time production and reduce the use of electricity for a long time to open, reduce energy consumption, the use of an other conventional drying room, less energy consumption and more efficient. It can be customized, according to the guests asked to do the design and installation...

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Sun, general manager of the Division March 24, 201


Technical characteristics of microwave sintering

It features a: Microwave and direct coupling material, resulting in an overall heatingDue to the volume of microwave heating, to achieve zer

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