3D stereoscopic microwave tunnel machine
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    3D tunnel microwave machine

3D stereoscopic tunnel microwave Room: for simultaneous production of different dimensions, sizes, shaped object to speed chain (or other delivery way) shipping production, fast drying, high efficiency. (Can be customized, designed and assembled according to customer requirements to do).

3D Tunnel Microwave Room Configuration

1, a PLC control, operate independently.

2, the use of interior room microwave stainless steel mirror panels, exterior wall color plate.

3, automatic door control linkage.

4, infrared, k line galvanic, wet air measuring machine three engagement control.

5, microwave energy leak: the national GB10436-89 microwave radiation safety standards (≤5mW / cm²) comply with electrical safety standards GB5226

6, the host with independent monitoring device, to prevent improper operation personnel can check system.

7, microwave in room emergency stop switch, as was mistakenly shut off, including microwave can work.

8, when the semi-automatic door can be opened by hand without electricity.

9, the interlocking switch with multiple associated to prevent a switch is broken no other action.

10, using the sixth generation of advanced technology, can automatically monitor the microwave leakage alarm system

3D Tunnel Microwave Room advantage

1, the automatic coating conveyor line itself is designed according to the principle of each product type complex customer, high quality requirements, special custom colors, in line with the brand positioning and development strategy is based. The painting equipment technology practical for the basic design principles, combined with the overall planning, safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, flexible, efficient, beautiful, practical, and strive to improve product quality, has a multi-purpose products, sustainable development, the design criteria for the visit of ;

2, spraying product quality standards for each performance parameter, yield in a controlled state, spraying the quality of the domestic advanced level;

3, the overall equipment design, manufacture reflects beautiful, rich sense of the times, to reflect the style of modern enterprises, peer companies excellent role model;

4, the overall layout of the entire coating line and smooth, rational layout of spatial segmentation, logistics smooth, easy operation and maintenance and other characteristics, taking into account the pre-designed fire protection requirements of the industry, to lay the cornerstone to meet fire safety standards;

5, the whole plant equipment is designed to meet the high degree of automation, low energy requirements, low-cost operation characteristics;

6, the whole factory production line coating processes, advanced process equipment; safe operating condition, good workshop environment clean; press earlier counterparts advanced level design, manufacture.